Using the APIs

Using the EUMETSAT Data Store APIs

Using the EUMETSAT Data Store APIs

The EUMETSAT Data Store offers a multiple options for interacting with collections and products in the EUMETSAT catalogue through application programming interfaces (APIs). Implicit in this description is the fact that users will require some programming expertise to exploit this capability.

In this section we detail the capability of each of these APIs, their requirements and their use. We also provide a full description of each APIs functions (using the Swagger UI) and programmatic examples of their use (using Jupyter notebooks). You can find these resources via the links in the right hand panel. The specifics of each APIs are also described in the tabs below. For users that are new to using APIs we also offer a short introduction into what they are, and how they can be used.

The download and subscription APIs require authentication to use. For more information on getting the required authorisation, please see the API authentication page.

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