EUMETSAT Data Tailor

Welcome to the EUMETSAT Data Tailor knowledge base

Welcome to the EUMETSAT Data Tailor knowledge base

What is the EUMETSAT Data Tailor?


The EUMETSAT Data Tailor software is a product customisation toolbox. It makes it possible for users to subset and aggregate our data products in space and time, filter layers, generate quicklooks, re-project onto new coordinate reference systems, and reformat into common GIS formats (netCDF, GeoTIFF, etc.). It offers a uniform way to transform both historical and near real time satellite data provided by EUMETSAT.

The Data Tailor is available in two configurations; a “stand-alone” version called Data Tailor standalone for local installation and a cloud-based version called Data Tailor Web Service (DTWS) working in tandem with the EUMETSAT Data Store.

  • The standalone Data Tailor offers a web user interface (WebUI), a command line interface and a PYTHON API, allowing users to incorporate its capability into their own processing systems.

  • The Data Tailor web-service offers a WebUI and a REST API, which enables it to be linked to the products in the EUMETSAT Data Store.

For guidance on selecting the most appropriate Data Tailor service to use, please see the selecting the appropriate data access service page.

Much of the information available on these pages regarding the standalone Data Tailor, may also be found in a self-contained PDF document accessible here.

Recent data access services news


As part of our sustained efforts to provide our users with reliable and stable service, a newer version of our Data Store is released on the 25.10.2023. With this release, apart from several measures to increase performance, we have some news for our valued users. The latency threshold is reduced from 3 hours to 1 hour for High Rate SEVIRI Level 1.5 data, in line with our new Data Policy. image-20230928-111717.…
Support for Data Store (DS) API version 0.4.0 will gradually be discontinued in favour of version 1.0.0, as announced previously: Currently, both API versions are offered in parallel, but this will soon change. The approximate timeline is given below. From mid-July, resources allocated for DS API v0.4.0 will be reduced. Consequently,…
In October 2020 EUMETSAT introduced the Data Store, an online repository for delivering satellite data to the users, with no waiting times. The basic data catalogue offered back then for the the pilot phase has been growing more and more EUMETSAT data and meteorological, climate and ocean products,…

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