EUMETSAT Data Tailor

Welcome to the EUMETSAT Data Tailor knowledge base

Welcome to the EUMETSAT Data Tailor knowledge base

The standalone Data Tailor is now operational

Here you will find information on what the EUMETSAT Data Tailor is and what capabilities it offers. You will also find instructions on how to access the service, and how best to use it. Troubleshooting and “how to” articles will help you to deal with common problems, along with suggestions on where to go for further help, should you need it.

You can navigate this around these pages through the sidebar (left hand side) or site overview section (bottom right), via the search box (below), or by following the linked labels in the browse this space by topic section. Information concerning updates to the EUMETSAT Data Tailor will be shown in the recent data services news section at the bottom of the page.

What is the EUMETSAT Data Tailor?


The EUMETSAT Data Tailor software is a product customisation toolbox. It makes it possible for users to subset and aggregate our data products in space and time, filter layers, generate quicklooks, re-project onto new coordinate reference systems, and reformat into common GIS formats (netCDF, GeoTIFF, etc.). It offers a uniform way to transform both historical and near real time satellite data provided by EUMETSAT.

The Data Tailor is available in two configurations; a standalone version for local installation and a Data Tailor Web Service (DTWS) for interfacing with the EUMETSAT Data Store.

  • The standalone Data Tailor offers a web user interface (WebUI), command line interface and a python application programming interface (API), allowing users to incorporate its capability into their own processing systems.

  • The Data Tailor web-service offers a WebUI interface and a REST API, which it to be linked to the products in the EUMETSAT Data Store.

For guidance on selecting the most appropriate Data Tailor service to use, please see the selecting the appropriate data access service page.

These pages focus on the standalone Data Tailor. For information on how to use the DTWS, please see the customising Data Store products section of the EUMETSAT Data Store knowledge base.

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