Release DT 2.12

Release DT 2.12

Release DT 2.12

Please consult the system prerequisites before working through the installation process.

Releases Notes for DT 2.12

The release note for this release is provided as follows:

  • New :

    • Customisation progress indicator : a percentage is now shown for when a customisation is expected to be completed.

Note: for some products, once the customisation is completed, a post-processing step is performed (e.g. compression), which is NOT taken into account by the indicator. This means the indicator may show 100% but the job is NOT finished. We kindly ask users who experience long post-processing times to be patient as the job will eventually complete. A future version of the DTWS will include the post-processing step as part of the customisation to improve the accuracy of the progress indicator.

  • Updates :

    • NetCDF-4 types renamed to clarify versions; "NetCDF4 (Data Centre)" and "NetCDF4 (simplified)"

    • DTWS backend performance and installation updates

    • Cosmetic updates to improve usability

  • Feature/Bug fixes :

    • UI state display does not freeze anymore when killing multiple customisations at once

    • Automatic deletion of delivered zipped files from the users’ workspaces to avoid usage of their disk quota

    • Cancellation of submitted customisations is now operating as expected

    • Progress estimation from log-file now reflecting the actual customisation progress status

    • Remove potential security issues when submitting basket XML

Full information on this release can be found on the EUMETSAT Data Tailor Git repository.

Data Tailor Validation Package

The Data Tailor Validation Package can be downloaded from the EUMETSAT GitLab. Additional test datasets for exploring the Data Tailor are also included. They can be found in the test-data folder.

Installing the Data Tailor

The Data Tailor can be installed following the guidelines provided in the Installation page.


Users are encouraged to provide feedback to the development team on this release. Please contact us via the EUMETSAT user support helpdesk if you have suggestions or questions.