Data Tailor overview

The EUMETSAT Data Tailor; an overview

The EUMETSAT Data Tailor; an overview

The EUMETSAT Data Tailor provides format conversion and basic product customisation capabilities for a set of EUMETSAT products. The Data Tailor is available for use as a stand alone tool that can be installed locally, or as a remote service that is connected to the EUMETSAT Data Store. The GUI is consistent across both the local and remote versions.

The capabilities of a Data Tailor installation are provided by plug-ins, which contain one or more backends. The backends contained by a plug-in implement the functionality necessary in order to complete the requested customisations. The following functionalities can be applied on input products; not all the functionalities may be available for a given product:

The functionalities can be applied in sequence, by specifying the configuration of a customisation chain. Configurations may be saved for reuse. The specific configuration of a functionality (e.g. the extent of a ROI) can also be saved for later use; a saved configuration can be referred by name in the chain configuration.

During its pilot phase, the EUMETSAT Data Tailor will support a subset of data from the Metop and Meteosat satellites, along with downstream products from OSI-SAF and LSA-SAF. More products will be added over time. Click here for more information on the current catalogue.

Figure: Schematic overview of the EUMETSAT Data Tailor.