DTWS: current limitations

DTWS: current limitations

DTWS: current limitations

For information on current service status and planned maintenance, please see the Service status page

Performance limitations:

  • Users should be aware that the execution time for a customisation is dependant on the complexity and computational intensity of the process, as well as on the number of points in the product of interest. For example, some high resolution global products (e.g. GHRSST L3C SST) may take up to half an hour to process, depending on the tasks customisation chosen.

  • Users personal workspaces are restricted to 20 Gb. If your workspace becomes full you will be notified. When you workspace is full, you must delete old customisations to make space for new ones.

  • The number of processing jobs per user has been capped and users can hence not launch more than 3 jobs at the same time. A direct consequence of this limitation is that while their jobs are being queued, users are no longer able to launch new customisation jobs.

  • The DTWS web-service offers the possibility to generate RGB for the HRV channelThis functionality will be removed in the near future as RGBs require several standard channels (e.g. VIS, IR and WV) to generate, and there is only one HRV channel.

  • For users who wish to perform in parallel the same customisations for the same product(s) (i.e. jobs running at the same time and for the same customisation), it will generate unknown results. Note: this use case for the DTWS is not expected.

Known Issues:

  • The following list of products cannot currently be passed from the Data Store cart to the online Data Tailor, and users will receive the following error message; ”cannot load the list of products: cart contains products of unsupported or heterogeneous type”. This will be corrected in a future iteration. This issue is only relevant to the online Data Tailor. The stand alone version is able to process these products.

    • Rapid Scan Cloud Masks

    • MVIRI L1.5 Climate Data Records

    • IASI GDS L1C PDU data

  • Currently post-processing is not considered a processing step, so for some products the user is told that processing is at 100% whereas the product is still finalising. This is currently being investigated.

  • The Data Tailor is currently not able to transform the MSG L1.5 HRV channel products to Grib2 format. This is currently under development (AR/4341).

  • Downloads of large output products customized through the DTWS on Windows systems are currently failing. This is currently being investigated (AR/4839). In the meantime, the standalone version or the APIs can be used as an alternative.