EUMETCast Europe Future Transponder Evolution

EUMETCast Europe Transponder Evolution

EUMETCast Europe Transponder Evolution

The transponder capacity for EUMETCast Europe on the 10° East (prime) and 13° East (backup) position has been secured until 2031. The restorable capacity on E10, with backup on HB13, will be increased to 3 transponders mid July 2023.

Additional capacity using the backup transponders on HB13 will be added, as needed, in steps of half transponder. This service on HB13 is called non-restorable service because there is no backup in case of failure of HB13 or when the backup transponders are needed for the prime service in case of failure of E10.

The E10A satellite reaches its end of life in 2023 and will be replaced by E10B. Unfortunately, the 2nd transponder cannot be continued at the same downlink frequency on E10B and a migration to a different transponder is required. This migration is already foreseen in 2022 on E10A, and the replacement of E10A by E10B will then be transparent to users. The migration will include a long enough parallel downlink on the old and new transponder to allow users to switch at a convenient time.

Figure 4 and Figure 5 on the right illustrate the evolution of transponders on the prime and backup satellites.

Figure 4: Evolution on Prime Satellite at 10° E



Figure 5: Evolution on Backup Satellite at 13° E