Accessing EUMETCast

Accessing EUMETCast

Accessing EUMETCast


Access to all EUMETCast services requires that users register via our Earth Observation Portal. If you do not yet have an account, you should create one. The Portal can be accessed via: The registration process includes the following:

  • Creation of an EO Portal account, if you do not already have one

  • Subscription to relevant EUMETCast services

  • Requesting the EUMETCast Client Software and EKU

  • Licensing (if applicable), which includes the acceptance of licensing terms and conditions, in accordance with EUMETSAT’s Data Policy.

Once you have completed the licensing procedure (if applicable), you will be sent the EUMETCast Client Software and EKU and access to the requested services will be granted.

Access Controlled Services via EUMETCast

A number of services provided on EUMETCast are access controlled at the request of the Data Provider. In addition, some services require that a licence agreement is concluded before access can be granted.

The following services on EUMETCast provided directly by EUMETSAT are licensed. Access to these services is subject to a licensing procedure:

  • Meteosat High Rate SEVIRI - 1⁄4-hourly, 1⁄2-hourly, 1-hourly

  • Meteosat Low Rate SEVIRI - 1⁄2-hourly, 1-hourly

  • Meteosat Indian Ocean Data Coverage - 1⁄2-hourly, 1-hourly

  • Meteosat Rapid Scanning Service - 5 mins

  • EPS Global Data Service (Level 1) – data derived from the European instruments (ASCAT, IASI, GRAS & GOME)

In some circumstances an annual licence fee may be charged for access to these data. For further information on EUMETSAT’s Data Policy, please consult the EUMETSAT Data Policy on the EUMETSAT website.

Note to EUMETCast Data Providers

If you produce environmental data and products and would like to explore the potential for using EUMETCast to distribute these to your user community, please contact the User Service Helpdesk in the first instance and our EUMETCast team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Notification of EUMETCast System Outages

Information concerning scheduled and unscheduled interruptions to services is distributed via EUMETCast and displayed on the EUMETSAT website under the User Notification Service (UNS) webpages. In addition, EUMETSAT offers an email alert service, for details consult the UNS webpages.

Further information

The EUMETSAT website provides operational information and news concerning all available data, products and services. Information on the individual services provided by EUMETSAT can be found on our Product Navigator. Requests for further information and all enquiries regarding EUMETCast should be addressed to the EUMETSAT User Service Helpdesk:


User Service Helpdesk
D - 64295

Telephone: +49 (0) 6151 807 3660/ 3770
Fax: +49 (0) 6151 807 3790