EUMETView overview

EUMETView; an overview

EUMETView; an overview

EUMETView provides a series of licensed and open visualisations to users, through a modern web user interface (WebUI) and through application programming interfaces (APIs) based on Open Geospatial Consortium international standards. The APIs provide online access to product visualisations (and to numerical data for selected products) through international standard interfaces: Web Map Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Feature Service (WFS). The WebUI offers various representations data availability, and a broad array of tools to support, time based navigation, multi-layer composition, map subsetting*, map re-projection, map sharing, product animation creation and map download. The WebUI allows users to generate custom “Views” of products, and to create a dashboard of visualisations that suit their specific needs.

EUMETView features near real time and historical data products from Meteosat, Metop and Sentinel-3 products. The EUMETView WebUI can be accessed through the appropriate link on the New Pilot Data Services page of the EUMETSAT website. Please see the catalogue page for more specific information on what products are currently available.

*note that subsetting applied to the map only, EUMETView does not subset the underlying data.

Figure: Schematic overview of the EUMETView