Current limitations

Current limitations

Current limitations

For information on current service status and planned maintenance, please see the Service status page

Performance limitations:

  • At present the EUMETView service will limit GetCoverage requests to 250 MB. If users make a GetCoverage requests for a product larger than this, they will receive an error.

  • WMS services are limited to 2 GB requests.

Browsing limitations:

  • Browsers supported: Google Chrome 44 onwards; Firefox 41 onwards; Safari 7 onwards.

  • Please access EUMETView using your laptop or desktop computer, tablets and smartphones are not supported.

Service limitations:

  • None

Known issues:

  • Users who log in to the EO-Portal and navigate to the Data Store using the icons may have to log in again. This will be fixed in a future release.

  • The products listed above cannot be download in Full Resolution mode. Please use the API to download these products.

    • High Rate SEVIRI VIS0.6 μm Image < 3hr - MSG - 0 degree

    • High Rate SEVIRI IR3.9 μm Image < 3hr - MSG - 0 degree

    • High Rate SEVIRI IR3.9 μm Image > 3hr - MSG - 0 degree

    • High Rate SEVIRI IR10.8 μm Image > 3hr - MSG - 0 degree

    • Precipitation rate at ground by GEO/IR supported by LEO/MW

    • Cloud Mask - MSG - 0 degree

    • Natural Colour Enhanced RGB - MSG - 0 degree

    • ASCAT Coastal Winds at 12.5 km Swath Grid - Metop A

    • OLCI Level 1B RGB - Sentinel-3B

    • OLCI Level 1B RGB - Sentinel-3A