New features on Data Store 2.3

The Data Store receives an update on the 06.03.2023 to bring new features requested by the user community and bug fixes:

  • The default API endpoints are updated to provide version 1.0.0, released in October last year. This includes improvements such as the addition of the OpenSearch Description Document. Version 0.4.0 will remain available a few more weeks for those users who haven´t adapted yet their scripts to the new version of the APIs. Please note old versions of eumdac (<2.0.0) might not work properly after this release. Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade eumdac to the latest version.

  • Sentinel-3 products can now be filtered or searched by orbit direction, both from the UI and the API.



  • The orbit direction attribute is exposed for the Sentinel-3 products in the product metadata (EOPMetadata.xml) or via query to the Browse API. 


  • The download API supports now RFC7233 to allow range requests, i.e. suspend and resume downloads. Check here for further instruction on how to download with the aria2 client.

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