EUMETSAT Data Access Client

EUMDAC - Python Client for EUMETSAT Data Access Services

EUMDAC - Python Client for EUMETSAT Data Access Services

Here you will find information on what the EUMDAC is and what capabilities it offers. You will also find instructions on how to install, and how best to use it. Troubleshooting and “how to” articles will help you to deal with common problems, along with suggestions on where to go for further help, should you need it.

What is EUMDAC?

EUMDAC is the EUMETSAT Data Access Client. It provides simple access to the EUMETSAT data from a variety of satellite missions. As a Python library, it comes with many methods and helpers to use EUMETSATs APIs and services, like Data Store and Data Tailor. It also provides a variety of useful command-line utilities for data search, download and processing.

See EUMDAC in action:

EUMDAC is constantly being developed further, but there are currently functional limitations in its usage. Please familiarise yourself with the current limitations before you start using it. Under Roadmap you will find the planned features and releases.

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Table of contents

  1. Get EUMDAC

  2. Quickstart for Python

  3. Examples

  4. Command Line User Guide

  5. How to guides

  6. Current limitations

  7. Releases